Ew_Skuzzy: 1

keith / April 2, 2017,184/

Welcome to EW_Skuzzy.


First run Zenmap and see what ports are open

we have 3 ports open SSH 22, HTTP 80 and go figure ISCSI running 3260

Looking at the HTTP site does not show much

Since this is call Skuzzy lets see what we can find

First make sure you have the right tools installed

apt install open-iscsi

Then lets see what it can find.

Run a scan

Great now login

Now lets see where it put it

sdb it is now lets mount it,

and see what we have

There we go flag 1. Looks like it is part of a base64 but we are missing the rest lets keep looking.

That dsk file looks interesting,  probably some type of image file.  Lets cat it and see what we find.

Well there is flag 2 and 3  but there is more here. Lets try to mount that dsk file


Well there we go. Lets see what is in the Email:

hmm there is that flag again. Now lets see about decrypting that enc file

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